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Business Developer (Intern)



Software Engineering
Posted on Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Business Developer (Intern)

🌍 Who we are

Starton is the new web3 standard.
Founded in 2020, we have developed the most comprehensive developer tool suite for integrating blockchain technology into any product. Our focus is on making this technology accessible to as many people as possible.
At Starton, we share the ambition of building the next software industry leader. We are certain that in the near future, every software and company doing business on the internet will embrace WEB3.
As of today, we offer the most cutting-edge product on the market. We have raised funds from top investors such as Xavier Niel, Ledger, and Anthony Bourbon, as well as VCs like Daphni and SpeedInvest. Our dedicated team of 17 passionate individuals is growing, and there is more to come.

🏎 How we do it

Join us in creating the premier environment for innovative thinkers, technical experts, and ambitious individuals.
Shape tomorrow - The web3 market offers a unique opportunity to create something truly special, something that will make a lasting impact.
Continous Growth - Join our team of passionate learners and innovators, and help us build an amazing startup. With our hacker approach, you can expand your skillset and develop your professional career.
Business ownership - we believe everyone should have the chance to benefit from the company they are helping to create. That's why we offer competitive salaries and an enticing equity program.
Experience a highly dynamic workplace - that encourages bold ideas and rapid iteration.
Technical challenges - Tackle technical issues and deliver solutions quickly with a dedicated and highly capable team.
The ideal person to work at Starton is a caring, passionate, curious, blockchain enthusiast who wants to have fun while participating in the next technology revolution.


Generating Leads: own a pipe of leads and define the prospection strategy.
Understanding, embracing and applying a prospect-centric selling method: this method stems from the concept that the prospect experience should be tailor-made and fit it very own needs and specifications.
Account mapping: putting a strong focus on mapping the companies, to make sure we have the right approach.
Tender management and request for proposal: orchestration of the tender answer to make it the most aligned possible with prospect needs, along with the team.
Process Scaling: audit of existing sales processes (CRM, minutes of meeting automation, meeting prep framework….), identification of improvement areas.
Ad-hoc market analysis (Go to Market Strategy): along with the team lead, dig deeper into topic opportunities to crack segments of the blockchain market.


Analytical sense and strategic thinking: selling to a wide range of account size asks for the ability to map organizations to find the best interlocutor and have a clear picture of our positioning on the blockchain infrastructure market.
Business sense: bringing a disruptive vision on an unconventional market such as blockchain insurance is hard. It requires the ability to convince high level stakeholders and be able to outline our product's impact at a strategic level for company of all sizes.
Product and “Tech” sense: Starton is an innovative company offering the most high-end blockchain developer tool suite on the market. In order to thrive in selling it, you need to enjoy deep diving in the technical dimension of blockchain and the software industry.
Organization, time management and autonomy: you are well-versed in missions requiring precision and reliability. You are able to manage a project from start to finish with minimal external assistance.
Growth mindset: you know how to ask for and receive feedback in order to grow and take the best of this experience to set you up for success in your early professional life.
Execution, collaboration and communication: given the strategic implications of our business segment, volume and timeline of work, you have the ability to interact and communicate clearly with teammates on a daily basis.
Versatility: given the scope of work, you should be able to jump from one topic to another.
Fluency in spoken and written French & English.

Recruitment process

(1) HR phone screen (20 minutes)
(2) Technical test at the office with our Sales Lead and Team Manager
(3) Founder meeting

Perks & Benefits

Our team members are our #1 asset! We offer them great perks so they feel great about working with us!
🥗 A daily meal plan (Swile)
💻 The latest and greatest Macbook
🏄🏻 Great sport Subscription
Office & Team Life
💥 Great office in the 10th arrondissement of Paris (Strasbourg Saint-Denis)
👨 Talented, passionate and fun team
☀️ Weekly team drinks and yearly offsite
❤️ A chance to contribute to help web3 adoption

We hire people, not roles.

If you feel that this job description matches where you are now or where you would like to grow into in your next position, we encourage you to apply, even if you don't have all the necessary prerequisites.
Not everyone will enter our recruitment process, but everyone, regardless of how underrepresented they may feel, should feel free to apply. Doing so can only bring learning or success.