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Adore Me
Adore Me
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Adore Me is a New York based women's lingerie and apparel brand.
Agile Analog is a company with a mission to transform the landscape of the Analog IP market space.
At Agua Blanca, our ambition is to build the future of hygiene and maintenance. We have the firm intention to offer you the most modern and thoughtful solutions for the home, the linen and the body. For months, the team has unearthed and tested hundreds of products to offer a selection without compromise on the quality of the formulas, the effectiveness and the pleasure of use. To cover all needs and evolve with the uses of our customers, our catalog will be enriched every week with new products and new functionalities. Our selections will always be more personalized and will adapt to each need and desire.
AnotherBrain is developing a powerful new approach to artificial intelligence called Organic AI - a bio-inspired, low-energy and human-friendly technology very close to the functioning of the human brain. By creating self-learning AI, AnotherBrain is continuously acquiring new data and algorithms through real-time and unsupervised learning. AnotherBrain technologies offer new possibilities to a multitude of industries, including automotive, industrial automation, healthcare, smart homes, smart cities and more. The company was founded by Bruno Maisonnier, founder of Aldebaran Robotics, in 2017.
Launched in November 2014 by Thibaud Hug de Larauze, Quentin Le Brouster, and Vianney Vaute, Back Market is the world’s leading dedicated renewed tech marketplace. The company brings high-quality professionally refurbished electronic devices and appliances to customers in 16 countries. With 884M€ raised already, we are sabotaging ‘new’ by connecting highly selected professionals to consumers who are looking for a more affordable, reliable and ecological alternative to purchasing brand new products.
Operator of an online recipe-sharing platform designed to offer ready-to-cook organic vegetarian food. The company's platform focuses on offering organic, healthy and gourmet vegetarian cuisine, enabling customers to receive pre-packed food and mixtures that are free of preservatives, coloring and additives.
Butterfly empowers teams to operate at the highest level through better communication. Our actionable feedback platform helps managers regularly take the pulse of their employees’ happiness, satisfaction, and engagement, creating a consistent feedback loop. With this direct and actionable feedback, managers can initiate constructive conversations with every team member, from remote or office workers to field and logistics employees, and see the micro-sentiments driving their productivity each day.
Developer of an online platform intended to allow businesses to offer pre-financed donations to their customers and collaborators. The company platform invites companies to mobilize part of their marketing and communication budgets to direct them toward the financing of associative projects and customers, partners, and employees are invited to vote to choose the cause they wish to support in the form of donations pre-financed by companies, enabling businesses to support the association of their choice without spending a penny.
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Comet is a platform created in September 2016 that seamlessly matches the best hard-skill Freelancers to top companies. These experts want to work as Freelancers and companies won’t survive without them. Their goal is to satisfy both sides: relevant and prompt skills for companies, security and inspiring projects for Freelancers. They screen and evaluate the best tech and data talents to build an interactive community. We're developing a smart product, powered by strong algorithms, to enhance their user experiences.
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Coravin, Inc. is a well-funded, Boston-based start-up consumer products company with a breakthrough technology in the wine category. Patented Coravin™ Technology allows you to pour and enjoy fine wine without disturbing the natural aging process—or the pressure to commit to the whole bottle.
cozycozy is the only search engine that allows travelers like you to compare the full range of accommodation options available, so you’re guaranteed to find the place that best meets your needs and always at the best price. We offer ALL available accommodation solutions in one search: hotels, apartments, houses, youth hostels, lodges, boats, tree houses, cottages, cabins, and more. We even have FREE options, like home swaps, listed on cozycozy.
Daphni is a European VC firm that invests in user-oriented startups with European DNA and strong international ambitions. The company is supported by the daphnipolis, a closely-knit community of 300+ entrepreneurs, executives, academics, artists and advisors, and a digital platform to ensure both efficiency and full transparency. The firm was established in 2015 and is based in Paris, France.