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Junior Machine Learning Engineer - X/F/M



Software Engineering
Paris, France
Posted on Tuesday, October 24, 2023
🩺 Chez Lifen, nous sommes convaincu·es que tout le monde mérite des soins de santé de bonne qualité, accessibles et abordables financièrement. Les solutions digitales que nous proposons sont la pièce manquante du puzzle que représente un système de soin réellement centré sur le patient. Nous cassons les silos présents dans l’industrie et nous soutenons la recherche et l’innovation en soins médicaux, en rendant la donnée de santé accessible aux personnes qui en ont besoin : les professionnel·les de santé, les patient·es, les institutions, les applications de santé digitale, les centres de recherches cliniques.
🔗 Comment ? Nous résolvons le casse-tête de l’interopérabilité pour que les innovateurs en santé digitale et les centres de soin n’aient pas à s’en soucier. Avec notre plateforme FHIR sécurisée et nos solutions logicielles, nos client·es peuvent collecter et partager les données de santé à grande échelle, mais aussi les intégrer dans leurs systèmes de gestion de données.
🔮 Lifen est également pionnière de l’Intelligence Artificielle : nous élaborons des algorithmes qui structurent et intègrent de manière fiable et automatisée l’information de santé, ce qui permet de rendre les bases de données plus complètes et plus sûres, en éliminant des centaines de milliers d’heures de tâches administratives répétitives.
Née à Paris, Lifen regroupe plus de 160 passionné·es prêt·es à faire entrer la révolution digitale dans le secteur de la santé. Lifen est toujours à la recherche de nouveaux talents 👩‍🚀🧑‍💻
The Machine Learning Team
Providing daily over a million real-time predictions to our user base, the AI team has been instrumental in launching our flagship product, Lifen Sending, which facilitates the seamless exchange of medical notes among healthcare practitioners in 800 healthcare organisations in France. Over the past 6 years dealing with Medical Data, our team has built a strong expertise in building robust models that deliver actionable value to our users by accelerating laborious human-intensive administrative workloads with high standards in terms of security and privacy.
Our current team (3 ML Engineers & 1 Datascience Manager) has built Layout Extraction Models for extracting text from documents and preprocessing them for downstream tasks, Visual Explainable NLP Tools for the support team & users, Pseudonymisation algorithms to be able to work on algorithms without exposing private medical data and finally our core Information Extraction Models from documents (Classification, NER, etc.).
Lifen is now investing in a new offer for Healthcare Organisations and academic & industry Research Partners that will tap into our expertise in dealing with medical documents and Lifen’s Reach (800 Healthcare Organisation & 3M documents sent per month) to structure real-world research-grade data from the medical reports handled by Lifen: Lifen Cohort. We already have a proof of concept working with generative AI on a first production project. It enhances this even more human-intensive workload of structuring data from health records to change the scale and quality at which medical research can be done!
We are seeking a forward-thinking, solution-oriented, autonomous Machine Learning Engineer to expand our team of 3 ML Engineers to help with historic algorithms and develop new ones into our new products
Your future missions as Machine Learning Engineer
At Lifen we have a ‘broad’ definition of Machine Learning Engineer, which encompasses the complete lifecycle of algorithms : from proof of concept to integration into our technology ecosystem, production, and maintenance, while adhering to software engineering best practices.
You will be actively involved in production-level code development, instead of conducting isolated experiments with Jupyter notebooks.
What you can expect :
- Adapt existing algorithms to novel problems and develop unique solutions as required ;
- Ensure the performance of our core models by taking part in their regular maintenance to meet product needs ;
- Contribute to our ML training infrastructure by developing new features, thereby aiding model production and evaluation ;
- Actively follow, experiment and integrate what’s currently happening with generative AI to shape our roadmap with our lead ML engineer, from prompt engineering to LLM finetuning.
The type of profile we're looking for
⛓️ In terms of development, you have a software engineering mindset and proficiency in modern Python and the ecosystem (Poetry, MyPy, FastAPI, Pydantic, etc.) ;
🔮 Regarding machine Learning, you possess a one year experience with Tensorflow, Keras, and Huggingface (and played with OpenAI);
🎶 When it comes to orchestration, you've developed knowledge of MLOps tools like Kubeflow ;
⚙️ Operations: You are comfortable with production & continuous integration concepts (Git, Docker, CircleCI, Monitoring, etc.) ;
🪐 You already have a proven experience in deploying machine learning pipelines in production settings, from data collection to model evaluation ;
📇 In general, you have a solid understanding of the Natural Language Processing field ;
👥 Excellent communication skills, autonomy, adaptability, attention to detail, and team spirit ;
🇫🇷 We expect from you to be completely fluent in French as it is our main spoken language ;
🎂 If you have knowledge of the healthcare industry, well that's the icing on the cake.
Caring together also means acting benevolently. Like the industry in which we operate, we foster diversity, inclusion, and equity. We highlight your skills and know-how and banish all forms of discrimination, whether sexual, religious or political.
About our Hiring Process
- HR Interview with Héloïse, HR Business Partner ;
- Interview with Lead Machine Learning Engineer ;
- Technical Assessment, on-site with the team ;
- Final Round with the VP of Engineering ;
- Reference Check.