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Senior Backend Engineer - Payment & Finance

Back Market

Back Market

Software Engineering, Accounting & Finance
Paris, France
Posted on Friday, March 15, 2024
Back Market is the world’s leading refurbished electronics marketplace with a team of 650 people, powering operations in 21 countries (and counting!).

Named one of the World's Most Innovative Companies by Fast Company in 2019 and again in 2021, our mission is simple: empowering people to consume tech sustainably by offering folks a high quality, accessible, and more eco-friendly alternative to buying new electronics. Why? Refurbished tech helps lower our collective environmental impact . We have indeed contributed to avoid the production of more than 1,000,000 tons of CO2e worldwide since our launch in 2014.

Be part of an exciting and growing international adventure that will change the way the world consumes tech.

Our engineering department, the Bureau of Technology

Representing a third of our overall team, the Bureau of Technology is structured around some concepts introduced by the foundational “ Spotify model ”: Squads, Tribes, and Chapters.

Spread across 5 tribes, the ~20 Product squads are the cross-functional, autonomous teams building and operating services to deliver value to customers and suppliers. They are grouped in tribes addressing a common theme. These Product squads are supported by the ~10 Platform squads which address the cross-cutting challenges, as well as the CyberSecurity team.

As a Senior Backend Engineer, you will work closely with all members of your squad, and the Staff engineer of your tribe. Bi-monthly rituals with your tribe and the Backend Chapter will allow you to share what works for your squad, learn what works for others, and make sure your technical direction is aligned with the overall vision.

To know more about our Tech team, composed today of about 300 people, you can consult :

A video of our VP of Engineering : https://urlz.fr/kyX6

Our Career Site : https://jobs.backmarket.com/

Some articles written by member of the BoT : https://urlz.fr/kyX8

Main technical challenges

While Back Market has historically been powered by a monolithic application, it is currently being re-shaped into a distributed information system: building a set of efficient and loosely coupled services is one of the main challenges to face for the years to come.

This will allow each squad to: define their own ways of working ; release at their own pace ; manage their stored data by themselves ; have more latitude when picking a tech or tool.

As a Senior Backend Engineer the challenge is three-fold:

  • making this transition seamlessly with zero downtime and no revenue loss
  • ensuring scalability of the codebase in the context of new country openings in terms of complexity and adaptability of features
  • guaranteeing high performance of production environments

Our technical environment

We use a lot of different technologies. Here is a list of the most commonly used by the Backend Engineers:

Application (Python): Django/FastAPI/Flask/Celery/SQLAlchemy

Datastore: PostgreSQL/MySQL/Redis

Infrastructure: AWS / GCP / Kubernetes / Docker / Datadog/ ArgoCD / CircleCI

What You Will Do In This Role

We are looking for a Senior Backend Engineer to help us build & operate a set of efficient, high cohesion, low coupling services with {security,privacy}-by-{default,design} to support the growth of the business.

You will be working in an agile "build it and run it" environment where engineering teams build, launch, monitor and support the product that they own.

We are looking for passion in creating systems by producing clean, consistent and well-organised code. As well as a good team player supporting colleagues and creating a learning and sharing environment!

English must be a no-brainer as you will join an international team dispatched in different locations around the world (US/FR/SP/JP).

About The Team

The Money Journey Tribe's mission is to build scalable and trustable payment services that are business enablers for Back Market.

They are in charge of all the features related to payment and financial services:

  • Create a resilient and flexible payment system for Back Market customers and merchants
  • Identify, track and validate every transaction to reconcile and explicit Back Market money flows
  • Manage the invoicing system: from the integration of every single Back Market service to the generation of user and merchant invoices
  • Provide tools and automate flows to reduce time-consuming tasks from our Financial and Accounting teams

Key responsibilities for this position as a Senior Engineer I : Produce, Innovate & Share

  • Owning and being accountable for large team project features, including ones with external dependencies
  • Serving as a role model for professional collaboration inside and outside the team
  • Demonstrating a broad understanding of our global architecture and how your domain fits within it
  • Consistently delivering code that sets the standard for quality and maintainability
  • Contributes to the Chapter on a regular basis, share innovation and run Chapter initiatives


  • A meaningful job: you will help avoid thousands of tons of electronic waste and fight against planned obsolescence. It counts!
  • A meaningful company: we became a mission-driven company in January 2022.
  • Be part of a worldwide growing company based in Europe, the USA and Asia to face great challenges : you will have the freedom to innovate and adopt new ideas!
  • Work alongside passionate experts: who will share their knowledge and help you develop and grow in your career.
  • Grow your career: with a flexible career path and a dedicated Learning & Development team. Back Market will help you evolve with personalized internal trainings and external handpicked providers from day 1!
  • Leadership Academy by Back Market:“be a coach not a dictator” is at the core of this program ! We train and enable all our leaders to support their team towards achieving goals. Be a manager at Back Market is an unique experience we take by heart.
  • An attractive salary, equity and a host of benefits including : Lunch voucher, health insurance, relocation package, paid time off for activism in your community, parental benefits, flexible hours, etc…
  • One Loving Tribe: you will have the opportunity to work in a fast-paced, open-minded and friendly environment.
  • Be part of one of our Employee Resource Groups createdaround shared identities, common backgrounds and/or special interests crafted to be a safe space and an expressive outlet.
  • Several internal events: The Monday Brief (weekly)/ The Somehands (monthly)/ The All Hands (annual).
  • We’re here to SABOTAGE: It’s our mantra. It keeps us focused on what we aspire to be: a little bit sneaky, always smart, kinda frugal and constantly conspiring to create maximum impact.

Back Market is an Equal Opportunity Employer which means we pledge to not discriminate against employees based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability or genetic information.. If reasonable accommodations are needed for the interview process, please do not hesitate to discuss this with the Talent Acquisition Team.

Back Market is helping to address one of the biggest challenges of our time: climate change. We take this so seriously that we were awarded status as a “Société à Mission”, or company with a social mission, by the French government. We know we can’t tackle a global problem without a globally representative team so we are committed to embedding diversity, equity and inclusion principles in every aspect of our organization. But more importantly, being One Loving & Free Spirited Tribe is in our DNA as it is one of the five foundational values of our company since we got started way back in 2014. We are committed to hiring and supporting diverse teams of people from all backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. We know our lofty goals cannot be reached unless everyone has a seat at the table along with the resources and opportunity to grow.